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Weird and Wonderful Cinema Around the World

Written by Pete Tombs.
Paperback - 192 pages (May 1998)
Published by St. Martin's Press

Book Description
The author of "Immoral Tales" now brings readers into the exotic, erotic, and eccentric international film scene. Fully illustrated, this book includes an Indian song-and-dance version of "Dracula"; Turkish version of "Star Trek" and "Superman"; China's "hopping vampire" films, and much more.
Over 300 illustrations and color photos.

BOOK excerpt
"Sometimes it feels like there's nothing left to discover. Bookshelves bend under the weight of tomes devoted to all things 'cult,' 'B,' or obscure. Films you might once have crossed town to see now turn up on new video labels every week. [But] for those who still value the shock of the new, the special kind of thrill that comes from confronting previously unsung greatness, ... there are plenty of strange new worlds left to explore ... "Mondo Macabro" is a peek into the treasure trove of fifty years of film from around the world. We've sifted through the dross and picked out the dusty jewels."

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