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An Autobiography and Past Forgetting

Written by Peter Cushing.
Paperback - 320 pages (August 1999)
Published by Midnight Marquee

Book Description
British film and television star Peter Cushing movingly writes of his loving relationship with his wife Helen and wittily remembers his film and television career. He discusses his most famous appearances at Hammer Films and his friendship with stars such as Christopher Lee and Vincent Price.
This new edition combines Mr. Cushing's previously British published Autobiography and Past Forgetting into one book and includes many new and rare photos selected by Mr. Cushing's secretary of 35 years, Joyce Broughton. She has also written the final chapter for this new edition.

About the Author
Peter Cushing is perhaps one of the most beloved of film stars. His work as Frankenstein in the Hammer series has made him a film legend but it is also for his kindness and wit for which he will be remembered.

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