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Directed by David Schmoeller
Starring Chuck Conners, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood and Tanya Roberts.

An eerie and deserted wax museum, Slausen's Lost Oasis, is the site for spine-tingling terror when four unsuspecting young travelers (including Tanya Roberts from Charlie's Angels) are lured into a deadly tourist trap.
Slausen (Chuck Connors) is the reclusive and bizarre owner of this attraction, which is actually more like a macabre chamber of horrors. The grotesque and frightening mannequins in this sordid sideshow are only the beginning of the murderous mayhem and nightmarish madness to come.

This is the DVD Video release.  It is the full UNCUT version and is presented in the WIDESCREEN aspect ratio of approximately 1.85:1

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