Welcome to THE CRYPT OF HORRORS. This website is THE guide to horror and cult movies on DVD video. We list upcoming DVD video releases, DVD video releases that are currently available NOW for sale, as well as other merchandise for sale such as movie related books and CD soundtracks. All merchandise listed on this web site can be ordered from AMAZON.COM by following the LINKS that we have provided. We do not list prices for most items since we never know when AMAZON.COM may change their prices but AMAZON.COM is one of the largest (if not THE largest) on-line store of merchandise like books, videos and other assorted products so you can be sure that they will have the item you are looking for and more often than not at the lowest price available on the internet.

We here at THE CRYPT OF HORRORS dedicate this web site to the horror and cult movie fan and we here count ourselves among you! We present this web site as an informative resource to the world of horror and cult movies on DVD and it is our hope that you, the fan, will find it a usefull resource. All we ask is that you please support us by following our purchase LINKS should you decide to buy any of the items listed here.

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